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BACKDOOR SECRETS – 8 f*ck*ing year anniversary!

28 January, 2023
Melkweg Amsterdam

GAY Party Amsterdam 28 January 2023! Welcome to BACKDOOR GAY and LGBT+ party!


BACKDOOR celebrates 8 years of LGBT+ parties, good friends, fun, love and freedom in Amsterdam. This will be another very fun BACKDOOR Anniversary night, on Sat. 28 January!

Welcome to the best LGBT Party Amsterdam! BACKDOOR (Amsterdam) present “SECRETS”, the night that will take your feelings to another level. On SATURDAY JANUARY 28th in Melkweg’s cozy “OZ” (750 capacity). With International DJ RAFHA MADRID for his first time at BACKDOOR. Guest DJ INSHANE. And we close at 6 a.m. with BACKDOOR resident DJ DIEGO SUMMERS.

Tickets will go on sale very soon. Check all events on our social media. See previous pictures of BACKDOOR on our photo album here!


Best LGBT Party in Amsterdam

“SECRETS” is the newest production of BACKDOOR GAY Party Amsterdam and will be showcased for the first time in Amsterdam during the 8th Anniversary Party. “SECRETS” is the sexiest party of BACKDOOR. And is about things that happen at night. The good things and the even things. Think positive!! IN THE END WE ALL HAVE SECRETS.

BACKDOOR Party is the place where self-expression is the key. Where gender has no name. Where circuit meets tribal meets leather, nerds, muscle mary’s and their sexy girlfriends. A safe space where we socialise and not give a f*ck!

Join hundreds of hot guys, girls and everyone in between, from Amsterdam and abroad, for the best International DJ’s and BACKDOOR’S own finest, for a night to remember. Get ready to release your inhibitions as we plan a more sexy, seductive & excessive show than ever before.


Best venue for a GAY Party Amsterdam

Melkweg is right next to Leidseplein, in Amsterdam’s city center. It’s a beautiful nightclub in a former milk factory which houses multiple music halls, cinema, art gallery en restaurant. It is the perfect venue to enjoy an autumn night out in Amsterdam.

Stay close to Melkweg at one of a hundred hotels close by, that won’t break the bank, in an area of Amsterdam that hosts some of the most expensive hotels in the world. See you at BACKDOOR “SECRETS”!


Key Highlights

Our GAY Party Amsterdam has the sexiest guys, Hottest Dancers, International Gay DJ’s, Amazing Light & Sound, Seductive & Excessive Show, Fun, Fun and more Fun!




Dancers & Performers