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happy pride


  • Dave
  • June 28, 2021
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It’s June again. It’s that time of year when we get to hang our rainbow flags from the windows and balconies and give a big shout out to our rainbow family. We’re out & we’re proud!

 It’s also a time when we remember and consider the millions of others who don’t have the same luxury that we enjoy. LHBT+ rights remain unrecognized in more than 100 countries. Even in some European countries LHBT+ minorities struggle to fight for their rights. Their human rights. That’s why we celebrate Pride – to be a beacon for others to follow.

Recently Victor Orban of Hungary decided to declare LHBT+ citizens to be second class citizens. Like Poland and Russia before, any public showing of LHBT symbols were declared unlawful. Of course, like most things in authoritarian regimes, groups are simply made to hate other groups so that the real bad guys, dictators and the like, can continue doing bad things. We can only hope that by being loud and visible, we continue to shine the light that others may see.

Despite all of that. Party on. Happy Pride!

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happy pride
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